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Show Flowers

Price: $26.95, you save $3.00

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Show Flowers Horse Jumps Show Flowers Horse Jumps Show Flowers Horse Jumps
Show Flowers Horse Jumps

Sold in lots of one dozen flower bunches that are all one color (Select color below). Each bunch measures 12 inches tall with 7 flowers in each bunch. Similar to what you could find at a craft store for $5.95 per bunch. Each flower measures 3" in diameter and each bunch will fan out to 9" in diameter. The bunches are sturdy, will hold up well to outdoor use. These flowers are very colorful and amazingly realistic looking. Use them to adorn any horse jump, fit them onto lattice standards, staple them to poles, put them on the entrance or exit gates. Be creative and have fun with these high quality but inexpensive show flowers. These are attractive enough for any show but let your horse see them at home before you go to the show. Please select your preferred color below. Order several lots to add color to your jump ring! Price is for ONE DOZEN.


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